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11 Awesome Toddler Activities for the Summer Holidays

Schools out for the summer!!  So here is 11 Awesome Toddler Activities for the Summer Holidays.

Work life balance is great at the moment so the next 6 weeks will test me I’m sure. How do you cope with juggling work and the holidays? I’m lucky in that I only have one child to worry about.

So with the holidays on the doorstep my mind turns to activities and ideas to keep William entertained on my off days this summer. I’d love to hear your ideas for preschoolers in the comments.

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I have a few ideas of my own and a few that I’ve sourced from the lovely world of parenting online. I thought I’d share them with you and maybe it will help you over the next 6 weeks to plan in some activities and maybe help alleviate some boredom for both you and the kids!

Most of these ideas are low cost. As much as its nice to go for days out, it can soon add up but I do have a couple of free day out ideas to share. It’s all about making memories in my world as I’m sure it is for you too. I know as a kid growing up I don’t remember how much money was spent, I remember the fun and the love and the time spent with my family and friends. That’s what’s important. Plus the fact that at preschool age it doesn’t take a lot to entertain them with low cost things! So here are my top 11 Awesome Toddler Activities for the Summer Holidays.

11 Awesome Toddler Activities for the Summer Holidays

Weekly Playdate

I’m sure there are other Mum’s in the same boat as you and could do with a break. Why not join forces and meet at the local park once a week. It doesn’t cost anything and it gives you the much needed time to chat about Mum stuff and to get things off your chest! The kids can play in a safe environment and enjoy the benefits of peer socialising. Push the boat out and take a picnic, my son loves a picnic and you don’t have to buy anything, just use what you’ve got in the house!

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Paddling Pool

Paddling pool in the garden. Can either get in it and splash around or use to float toys in. My son also loves using it to fill his watering can and water the garden 🙂 Can be great for play dates too – Our Seaside Baby –  Our Seaside Baby


A big box of Duplo Lego goes down a treat in my home! My preschooler will be entertained for hours building all sorts of creations – Healthy Vix

Awesome Toddler Activities for the Summer Holidays Duplo

Build a Den

If you’re lucky enough to have outside space and the weather is good, get out there and build a den! Not only does my son love the fact that we are playing together, its great fun and brings back lots of happy child hood memories. All you need is an old sheet, find something round the garden to drape it over. If you don’t have outside space then build a den in their bedroom!

Arts and Crafts

Lots and lots of pieces of paper, pens and crayons and lots of activity books, my two love working though word searches Mummy Cat Notes

Toy Wash Day

Have a toy wash day! Let the kids use sponges and water to wash all their (washable) toys! This can be outside if its hot or in a more contained way inside if it’s not. Autism Kids on Tour

Awesome Toddler Activities for the Summer Holidays Toy Wash

Water The Garden

When we’re in the garden, my littlest loves nothing more than filling up his little watering can and pouring it back out again. Also “painting” the fence (or walls or anything else) in the garden with a paintbrush and water. My biggest loves some pots and spoons and making potions and mud pies out of anything she can find. Glasgow With Kids

Softplay At Home

The house is going to get trashed anyway so why not have organised chaos in the way of an indoor obstacle course. Sofa cushions, the mini slide from the garden, a couple of chairs. Whatever you can use that’s safe and suitable. They can burn off some energy and have some fun while you sit and have a cuppa and supervise. Doesn’t cost a penny and they are getting some good exercise. Team this with an indoor disco and all the kids down the street will want to join in!

Hit The Beach

Take a picnic and cruise to the beach. Our nearest is 1.5hrs away but well worth the drive! It may cost you petrol but if you take your own lunch and drinks its a free day out. Pair up and go with a mummy friend or get the other half to take a day’s holiday and make it a proper day out.

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Country Park

Another day with minimal cost is to visit your local country park. Take the dog or borrow next door’s and enjoy a stroll. Collect things on your way round like twigs and pine cones and enjoy the fresh air. Another excuse for a picnic too!

Toy Swap

How many times have you been to a friends house and the kids don’t want to leave because their friend has ‘way better toys than me’ Have a quick whip round and have a toy swap! Your child will think its the best thing sliced bread and their friend will think the same. Bingo bango two happy campers! Getting them to swap back may be an issue but hey, cross that bridge when you get to it!

These are obviously only 11 Awesome Toddler Activities for the Summer Holidays but a few to maybe refer to and help you to start thinking of more.


Self care is even more important over the holidays. You are probably juggling work as well as covering holiday at home. When the kids are entertaining themselves, make sure you take a break. Boil that kettle and make that tea. Actually make it though, don’t just boil the kettle and then never make one. That’s what I end up doing. Don’t feel guilty about leaving them to entertain themselves either. At preschool age its actually a really good skill to learn, it encourages imaginary play.

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11 Awesome Toddler Activities for the Summer Holidays

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  1. Love these ideas especially toy wash day. He loves water so this would be a nice one when it’s not so warm for the paddling pool. Just wish he would concentrate long enough for arts and crafts!

  2. Some great ideas – I love the toy washing one! I think my kids would love that! I’ve got two kids to entertain for 6 weeks… it’s going to be tough but keep telling myself to enjoy them while they are young!

    • I think you’re right, this time is precious but also quite exhausting! Take one day at a time xx

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