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131 Household Chores You Can Do In Ten Minutes Or Less

131 household chores you can do in ten minutes or less you say? Yes indeedy!

Its taken me a while to actually sit down and get these all written down but the list is finally here!

I know, you’re time starved, busy and life is a juggling act. You can grab ten minutes here or there but no way are you going to spend a block set of hours cleaning, time is too precious!

So here is my list. When you have ten minutes here or ten minutes there, how long does a Paw Patrol last these days, ten minutes? There you go, get your list out and choose a chore you can do in ten minutes or less. These ten minutes add up and soon the house will be spotless.

The majority of these chores aren’t jobs that need doing every day either, do as many you want, when you want to. This list is meant to fit in with your lifestyle.

You can purchase the list from my shop here or if you want to access the printable vault, all you have to do is enter your email address below. There you can also find the 30 Declutter Challenge as well!

The coupon code changes on the first of every month so be sure to check our emails!

I hope you find this list useful and I’d love it if you can send me lots more things that you can think of to add to the list, just add it to the comments or DM me over on Instagram

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