Has spring finally arrived?

Wow! What a weekend, action packed and no time to sit down but that’s just how we like it!

DS had what I thought was his first birthday party but was his second. Mummy brain strikes again! First party this year then should I say. I was quite apprehensive about what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised at the relaxed atmosphere. We made it through to almost the end. DS decided to turn the frustration button on 15 mins before the end so we thanked the hosts and made a sharp exit, party bag in hand. DS was not impressed there wasn’t a torch in his bag and let the party boy’s mum know what he thought by crying at the top of his lungs. I shouted thank you and headed for the car! We made it just outside the village before he was fast asleep in the back which made for a nice relaxing car ride home after the crazy inflatable party.


Parties are a new area for us and comes with that lots of questions. How much does one spend on a gift? What should you dress your child in? Do both parents attend or just one? Will there be food?

J and I tossed a coin and I took him. We have decided that if diaries allow, we will take it in turns to take him to parties. One thing I am very grateful for is a husband that doesn’t mind mucking in and will, without question, share all childcare and household duties.It had made me now think about DS’s 3rd birthday party and what we should do. A softplay place where they do it all for you sounds appealing 😊

Saturday afternoon we pottered over to Waresley Garden Centre, what a treat! I never knew they had a play park for the children, right outside the café. Double bonus was that the sun was shining and it was lovely just to sit with a cold drink and watch DS play outside. One of the first days we’ve not had to lug coats and wellies around. On the flip side, we now obviously need to think, hats, sunglasses and sun cream! Yucky sticky, greasy sun cream, ha ha!

IMG_8921 (002)

Anyway, Waresley worth a trip if you’re about that way. Although I was on a spending mission the best I could do was a packet of dahlia seeds and a lavender plant. DS was not complying with Mummy’s need to look at nice gardening things so we made a quick exit and paid for what we’d already picked up.

IMG_8918 (002)

We then managed our first BBQ of the year! It was so lovely, the sweet smell of outdoor cooking, really lifted up the soul and made me excited to think that summer is on its way at last! I think we must have skipped spring this year.

So, Sunday was race day! My first official run and one that I felt would be a good place to start. It was epic! I was buzzing all day yesterday. This was something for me alone, something I wanted to do and something I most definitely achieved. I’m not going to lie, it was tough and there was enough mud it could have been one of those crazy muddy runs people deliberately sign up for but I made it!

IMG_0321 (002)

Seeing J and DS standing at the finishing line was so emotional, I was running for them, for them to see me finish. Knowing they would be there cheering me on at the end got me round the course and kept me going. Along with the tunes blasting from my headphones! I even got snapped by the Cambridge Evening News which was a bit of surprise! ’15 brilliant pictures from the Cambourne 10k’ Who’d have thought it!

0aa74688-a649-46ea-9abd-2de4e5009b83 (002)

I ache today mind you and am going to take it easy but sign me up to the next one!

Although we all have such busy lives with or without kids, its important to look after our aims and wellbeing. You can do anything when you put your mind to it! Feel good factor – one million!

Does anyone have any good ideas for children’s birthday parties? Answers on a postcard 😊


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  1. Ah brilliant for doing the race! Bet you were chuffed. And the first BBQ of the year sounds fab too. I love it when it gets warmer 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #bloggersbest x

  2. Wow! You certainly know how to fill a weekend! Let’s hope the weather keeps improving and the BBQ stays warm! I’d give all kids parties a miss, too stressful! Congratulations on your run!

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