Nursery, work, eat, sleep, repeat!

Another hectic week gone and another Monday morning. It’s a never-ending wheel that just keeps cranking away. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve not had a holiday yet this year (sad face) but I’m feeling like I’m on a treadmill that I just can’t seem to get off. Nursery, work, eat, sleep, repeat! Normally we break our holidays up during the year and by now we would have had a week away somewhere, even just a long weekend. I’ll be honest, I know we are very lucky to be able to go away so often and I suppose it’s become expected that we do. Our first holiday of the year will be in June (ages) to St Ives, Cornwall (excited)! Hence my Instagram post of a St Ives Harbour cream tea, scrummy! Anyone else feeling a little treadmill bound, what can we do to spice things up a bit?

IMG_1354 (002)

Talking of cream teas and all things nice, I have got to get back on the Slimming World wagon! I go every week and pay to be weighed. I have put on and lost the same three pounds since Christmas! I seem to have lost my mojo. Damn, I need to find that bloody mojo! I look like I’m 6 months pregnant in the wrong outfit! Thank goodness for high waist skinny jeans is all I can say. At 37 I do struggle with what I’m supposed to wear these days. What’s with all the short tops, even with a vest top underneath it doesn’t do my mum tum any favours! Some days it doesn’t bother me, I’m fit and healthy and able to maintain a size 14, some people would give their right arm for that. Actually, how much does a right arm weigh? A few pounds at least! 😊 Any advice on what I should be wearing at 37 would be gratefully received. I’m open to most things but not sleeveless, those bingo wings need to be covered (I thank my mum for those), lol!

As I don’t favour clothes particularly I tend to focus on nice shoes. I am a real tight wad though so Primark is by BFF. On Saturday I purchased 5 different pairs for the summer (currently hidden in my wardrobe). My toes are no way ‘summer ready’ so they are all closed toe but I figure when I’m freezing my butt off in the office on work days I’ll be glad of a little warmth. Here’s the pair I’m sporting today:

IMG_9362 (002)

I love red to brighten up an outfit. Opinions welcome……….

What shoes are you wearing today, comment below.


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Have a fabulous Monday!

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  1. I think you could sneak a weekend away before the next holiday! Southwold sounds good… as for clothes wear what you like!! You can get away with anything still, and you don’t look 37, you can thank your mother for that too! 🙂

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