5 Things I wish I knew before having a child

5 Things I wish I knew before having a child

Lets face it, I knew it wouldn’t be a breeze but then there’s breeze and then there’s bloody great hurricane wind! Truth is there is nothing that can prepare you for having a child. You can read endless posts like this but until that baby arrives, you have no idea! Then Boom! Sh*t gets real! Parenting for me is the most rewarding and loving thing ever to have happened to me and I love my baby boy with every cell in my body! There are just days when I cope better than others with the exhaustion and challenges that having kids brings. Here are my top 5 things I wish I knew before having a child and things I find amusing 🙂


1. Sleep deprivation

This is top of my list of 5 things I wish I knew before having a child! Anyone can guess what it will be like to be up half the night every night but when you have kids it a whole other level. Like cyber space level. The lack of sleep slowly grabs you by the short and curlies and you end up brewing a pot of tea without a tea bag and putting the milk back in the cupboard. The crazy part comes when you don’t even remember doing it. Falling asleep in front of Bing becomes a normal occurrence. Lets face it, that bunny could bore the breastfeeding boobs off any mother! If you’re reading this before kids, good luck and sleep as much as you can now. If you’ve got kids, you know! You just know! IV coffee drip on order!


Sleep deprivation



2. Baby Brain

This follows nicely on from sleep deprivation but baby brain isn’t just when they don’t sleep through the night, oh no no no, baby brain is still zapping brain cells way into the toddler years. You have no memory capacity for anything other than your child, what your child likes, dislikes, likes one minute but not the next, toilet habits, nap times, outfits, snacks, nursery pick up, the list is endless. Your brain is so busy preparing for any eventuality or planning the next couple of hours there’s no room for coherent conversation or memory recall. Any space in your head that is empty will be filled with fluffy clouds and squiggly lines and the ability to make the smallest of decisions was sucked out in the labour room!

3. Just nipping out

You will never be able to just ‘nip out’ again. Give it a couple of hours and you might just be ready to leave the house. You need everything including the kitchen sink just in case, then when you have toddlers there’s the negotiation of putting on shoes, putting on a coat, or in the summer, putting on the sun cream and finding the sun hat. They’ll suddenly  You’ll eventually manage to get in the car but you’ll have forgotten something so you have to rush back in the house with the child/children in the car on the driveway. There’s not a chance in hell you’re unstrapping them once you’ve got them in there!

4. Weekends don’t exist

Gone are the days of looking forward to two days off at the weekend. There’s no extra sleep, they still wake up at the same crazy hour as they do in the week. Weekends are actually harder than the weekdays, there are no baby or toddler groups, other Mums are busy with their families; best you can hope for is whatsapp in a time of need. There’s also the washing to catch up with, the ironing pile to tackle and the pre-children weekend jobs like sorting out the garden and cleaning the car.  Spending time as a family though totally rocks when everyone is happy.

5. Poo

No matter how much you tell yourself you won’t be one of those parents that talk about poo, I can guarantee 100% that at some point you will! It’s a subject that all Mums talk about – FACT! I won’t go into detail, it doesn’t need explaining but I’d love to hear from all the mums out there that haven’t talked about poo, it doesn’t seem natural not to!

Poo Emoji

Let me know what you wished you knew before having a child, the list is endless I’m sure!

Just for the record I love being a Mum and wouldn’t change that for the world. Not even sleep!

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  1. I know wot you mean abeygale kids zap your life away bless em. Mine are 26 a son and daughter 23 and the sleepless night continue the washing pile gets bigger they eat and eat and yr still picking up after them but wouldn’t change it for the world.x H

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