Cambridge Barre Workout – The Interview


The classes, juggling life and what motivates the dedicated Mum of two.

Emma is so passionate about her business and with buns of steel, once you take just one of her Barre classes, you’ll be signing up to the next session for sure!
As a class attendee myself I was lucky enough to grab a few minutes of Emma’s time to talk about what the sessions entail and how she came to start Cambridge Barre Workout


Just for fun, describe yourself in three words

Hardworking, persistent & wacky

Explain for those that don’t know, who you are, what Cambridge Barre Workout is all about and how long its been going.

My name is Emma. I’m 34 and Mum of two children and live in Papworth. Cambridge Barre Workout is something I started three years ago. It’s a technical fitness class that works the whole body.

What made you start up?

I have a dancing background but unfortunately never pursued a career in it. While I was on maternity leave I found the class advertised and started attending it.  I was hooked! It was similar to my dance training without the heavy technical aspect – it was fun and excited me! I wasn’t happy in my job and sadly my dad was dying. Then something clicked in me. Life’s too short and if I don’t do something now I’ll continue to plod along, unhappily. So, I gave up work and started CBW.

What sessions do you run and on what days? Do you offer personal one on one sessions?

Here is copy of my schedule and yes, I offer 1:1 sessions and these take place in people’s homes.

What’s the difference between your post-natal classes and the normal ones?

My postnatal class is a 45-minute class for mothers and pre-walkers (Mother and baby Barre). It’s a slower class for mothers getting back into fitness after having their baby. My other open Barre classes are an hour and faster paced.



You are very passionate about Barre, what drives you and why?

I’m passionate about fitness and dance which this class is. As mentioned, I started taking the class after my 1st child and the change in my body shape was amazing and made me feel alive! This is why I enjoy teaching. Although you hurt after most classes, I enjoy teaching non-dancers the techniques and skills I learnt in my dance training.

Tell me about your greatest achievement

I have many….. juggling life!! I would say my top two are starting CBW, I feel that I’ve finally found myself and thankful for the path I’ve taken in life has led me to a positive place and having children. Both things I never thought I could succeed at – even though I feel I fail all the time! – Mummy guilt!

How do you motivate your clients?

By being motivated myself. Everyone has off days but making sure who ever attends class knows that we are in it together!

How do you manage to juggle classes, kids and time for yourself?

Ha!! Not very well at times. I have a very supportive family and my partner helps a lot. I’ve had to sacrifice spending time with my children by working late nights and being away for training. I don’t get much time to myself but who does when they have children? Coming back from maternity leave I have made sure I switch off and have one day off a week.



What motivates you to get out of bed of a morning and what advice can you give to busy mums?

You are doing ok! I have to get out of bed. Having people who rely on me at home and in my job. That’s a good feeling even if a sleep in would be amazing!

If a mum walked up to you asking for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give ‘em your best tip, what would it be?

Breathe and stop taking on too much!

How can people sign up to your classes and/or get in touch with you?

By heading to the website 

Or call/ email 07919893888



So, you don’t have to be Darcy Bussell to get involved. If I can do it, then anyone can and I have to admit, its one of the most enjoyable classes out there. It helps that Emma is ‘hardworking, persistent and wacky’ too!
Emma and I would love to hear from you to tell us how much you lover her classes and if you have any questions as a complete beginner! Comment below x



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