Mummy Self Care

Mummy Self Care – Why It’s So Important

Mummy Self Care

Mummy Self Care – Why It’s So Important

Its only taken me two and three quarter years of being a Mum to realise what helps me get through those sleepless nights and supermarket tantrums. The penny finally dropped over the weekend when I had some time to update my blog. Its the Mummy time! A little bit of time for yourself. Now I know being a Mum, time to yourself is a luxury that comes right at the bottom of the priority list but its so extremely important. Self care doesn’t have to be about being on your own.

Personally, for me, self care comes under 5 main headings. They are all very similar but they help me to focus on an activity that I know will make me feel better and in turn able to cope better. Being happy and looking after yourself helps you become a better parent and helps support your children to the best of your ability. My motto is Happy Mum = Happy Son!

1. Emotional

Feeling loved or making someone else feel loved. For me I find it soothing and comforting to tell my son and husband that I love them. Regularly, like at least 10 times a day but it can be anything that makes you feel happy and comforted, watching a funny film or looking at lovely holiday photos for example. Do something that you love, sewing or baking perhaps. It’s also good to talk, to your husband/partner, to your family, about your feelings and emotions. Talking can help make things clear in your mind too. Something that’s troubling you may sound like a smaller problem when you’ve talked about it.

2. Physical

Exercise! I know right, its a swear word for me too but you know what they say, it makes you feel good. Take the dog out for a walk, do some burpees in the garden (who am I kidding)! I know for me, just 20 minutes of something can start to brighten my mood. It helps make me feel like I can tackle things. It doesn’t have to be exercise on your own either, it can be with the whole family too, make it into something fun to do and part of your daily routine. If you have the luxury of time, then join an exercise class or go for a run! Its not only exercise that can physically make you feel good, go out shopping, grab that Costa you’ve been craving or take your little one out to the park.

costa Self care - taking the kids to the park

3. Mental

Mental well being is so important and making sure you are mentally happy I’ve discovered, is vital when bringing up children. It helps you engage better, helps you focus on the good things. Change up your routine, add something new to it, like a walk or a drive out somewhere. Being stuck in the house all day isn’t good for anyone’s self care! Find five or ten minutes in the day for you, whether its just to check your Facebook account or read a few pages of that book you’ve been trying to finish since forever! Something that can help you shut your mind to the whole world going on around you. Meditation might be your thing, so make time!

4. Practical

This depends on how organised you want to be or how much it bothers you that you’re not! Tidy ship, tidy mind. In my case, a tidy house means a tidy mind. An untidy house can make you feel stressed. Get the offspring to help you tidy. Spend five minutes to tidy a drawer that’s been long over due a clear out. Clear out your wardrobe – you don’t need those baggy trousers you wore on maternity leave anymore! Write a to do list, a shopping list, anything that will help you feel more organised! This in turn will help you feel more on top of things.

Mummy to do list

5. Social

This one is very important. Joining an NCT group was the best thing I ever did! As one of the most unsociable people I know, getting out there was hard but having a child has changed me. I went to every baby and toddler group going, helped eat the cake and drink the tea! I still do! Getting out and meeting people with similar aged kids is so important. They can be such a great source of support and you have always got something in common to talk about! Get a Whatsapp group going, be the one to start that first conversation! Join Facebook groups and Pinterest groups, then you have a 24/7 network you can rely on when things seem tough. There are lots of self care Facebook groups like Revolutionary Self-Care, full of lovely quotes that may inspire you.


Of course there are lots more things you can do on a personal level that make you feel good. One of my aims with my blog is to share the things I get up to that make me happy and offer tips and advice on what you can do.

The most important thing to remember that being a parent can be darn hard work sometimes. You shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting some time to enjoy your own life. My goodness all I had to worry about was myself up until two and three quarter years ago! Having a child was a bit of a shock to the system, even though my son is the one thing I have ever wanted in my whole life. Its taken me until now to realise that keeping myself happy and making time for me helps to look after him to the best of my ability with all the fun and love in the world.

What could you change about your daily routine to help you cope better? What do you already do? I’d love to hear your ideas. Comment below x



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