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Mum Escapes Potty Training For Coffee And Cake!

I’m perched in the corner of one of my local coffee shops. Having dropped William off at preschool. I thought I’d change up my normal routine and head here with my laptop. There’s quite a nice atmosphere and the benefits of people watching far out weigh the benefits of ironing! Its been a stressful couple of days in our household. We started the dreaded potty training! Well when I say we, my husband has conveniently become very busy at work this week!

Coffee Shop moment

I’ve been putting it off in the hope that William would be so ready when we came to do it that he’d be trained in a couple of days and we’d be sorted. The decision to start came from a mixture of things. Firstly, both his preschool and nursery (he goes to two different places – long story) have been in cahoots about encouraging me to start. Whether I should be annoyed by this is yet to be mulled over but it sort of gave me the kick start I needed perhaps.

Another reason is that we went to softplay and there were children there younger than my son. I felt sort of responsible that my nearly three year old was still toddling round in a nappy. I felt that I owed it to him to pull my finger out and get over the thought of it being stressful! Also the weather has been fab so we’re out in the garden a lot which means no puddles on my carpet or limestone flooring. Just puddles in the sunshine 🙂

So yesterday was day one. I’d done absolutely no research on the subject. Due to the fact that I’m half in denial that we’re actually doing this! I figure we’ll just see how it goes and wing it! He’s a bright boy and I’m sure we’ll get there eventually. I packed him off to preschool with three changes of clothes and a wing and prayer. Upon collection the news was that he’d had one accident but had also had two successful toilet trips. I was pleasantly suprised – I was prepared for accidents. The day sort of went from bad to worse and by bedtime we’d had a total of six accidents! William, I’m sure was absolutely sick to death of me asking him if he needed a wee but I may as well have been talking Chinese for all the good it did.

We did some research…..

Having not done any research I didn’t know if this was normal or just totally insane. Needless to say I spent the evening googling what on earth we are meant to be doing. Six accidents is apparently good going, ha ha ha! So today we are persevering, he has again gone off to preschool with instructions to tell an adult when he needs to go. Three changes of clothes packed and a change of shoes. Yes! His accident yesterday at preschool was all over his shoes too. Who knew! Any sensible person outside of my parenting whirlwind of a mind may have thought this obvious but it hadn’t even occurred to me.

So I’ve gone from pretty much ‘sorted’ Mummy to ‘high peak stressed’ Mummy. As I knew I would be! Darn you preschool and nursery!


One friend asked if we were going to do it overnight too, I barked at her ferociously ‘are you crazy!?’ I think she took it well.

Another reason for feeling a little stressed is that we gave the dummies away to the dummy fairy at the weekend. Although William agreed and the dummy fairy pulled out all the stops and delivered a brand new paw patroller in return for said dummies, its been an emotional few days! Maybe we could have waited to do the potty training until he’d got over the loss of the plastic gobstoppers but hell who doesn’t like to plunge themselves into a few weeks of standoffs and tantrums!?

Looking back at other stressful times, I know this is just one of many phases that will come and go and I’ll look back at the memories we’ve made and the fun we had in between. While you are in the middle of the whirlwind though its sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees.

Its fun, fun, fun this afternoon though. We’re off to buy paw patrol pants! It’s going to be the highlight of my week let me tell you. I’ve been looking forward to buying the cute little pants for him despite the fact I’ve been putting the potty training off for weeks.

Pants for potty training

So there you have it, the reason I am here in the coffee shop, out of the house, grabbing some much needed time to be in my own headspace, to concentrate on my love of writing and to watch the wonders of strangers as they come and go. It’s so good for the soul I’m sure of it!

What are you doing today to help you escape from the chaos that is parenting?

Any tips you can give me about potty training? Or words of encouragement to help keep me going with it?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with my potty training shenanigans.

Paw patrol potty

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  1. I’m working on my phone at the cinema while the kids watch Peter Rabbit lol. When we potty training we had a full 48 hours without a single success.

  2. We’ve all been there! Potty training is a bit of a slog. We didn’t start our eldest potty training until he was nearly 3yo. We tried to remain pretty relaxed about it. They all get there eventually!

  3. Oh my! What a week!
    Potty training is a drag, but this is definitely the best time of year. In my experience, it seems hopeless and you’ll be wondering if he’ll be wearing nappies to work, and then all of a sudden it clicks and there’s a massive improvement.
    I had a reward chart for my oldest – we had some very coveted stickers and every time she successfully used the potty one was stuck on the cloakroom door. A friend of mine got her little one involved in helping mop up any accidents – apparently this encouraged her to make it to the potty!
    Good luck with it – it’ll soon be a ‘fun’ ?! memory!

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