Potty Training And The Dentist

Wow what a week! Potty training, the dentist and an Indian poppadum! It’s been a busy one, at work and at home. Work has been quite quiet recently which has allowed me to catch up with myself. Although, I don’t know about you but when it is quiet I think about all the jobs that I could be doing at home. Well, when I say jobs, I mean pottering and such like. My thinking about jobs at home would mean no offspring, no wonder it seems so nice to think about! This week work has ramped up and my mind is back in the game, just where I like it.

Potty training update

So….. all in all, since my previous post, potty training isn’t going too badly. I say ‘we’, ha ha, he’s not doing too badly. We’ve had one day in the last ten that has been accident free. He seems better at home than he does at nursery.

One day I came home with 5 bags of wet clothes and he was in girls pants and shorts because the nursery had used all their stock! I send him with three changes, you’d think that would be enough. He’ll get there I’m sure and his little friends will encourage him to use the toilet more and more. What I don’t like, and I’ve mentioned it to nursery now, is to bin the pants with the number 2 accidents! Bloody hell, why would you even keep them, his bag stinks! Bin them for goodness sake. We didn’t buy expensive pants for exactly that reason, they can be thrown away.

Potty training accidents

We haven’t stayed in much either which has been great, my initial thinking, like many I’m sure, was to stay in and crack the training. I didn’t see any point! There are plenty of toilets wherever we go and I have a portable potty for the time he catches me out. It’s like the handbag I never knew I needed. Penguin styley! What’s the worst that can happen, he’s going to have an accident of the most colossal extreme. You just mop it up, change him and away you go! We have actually had the colossal extreme accident – pants, trousers AND socks were binned and we carried on at softplay quite happily afterwards. Thank goodness for baby changing rooms and antibacterial hand soap!

Softplay ball pit

I just proved to myself that it can be done, its not quite as stressful as the first few days and actually he’s very good. The bribery with smarties has helped! Waiting until he is 2 years and 10 months was the greatest decision ever! He knew what he needed to do and he just gets it. He can also communicate well enough to let me know he needs to go, or not go, as the case may be.

Enough about toilet training, it’s enough to put you off your cake!

Talking of cake, I made a delicious coffee cake this week, we all enjoyed it at home. Its another simple recipe. One I must type up and share with you.

Homemade coffee cake

A Trip to the dentist

This week we also had a trip to the dentist. Oh, what fun! Now I hate the dentist with a passion! So many of you are probably do to! My fear extends deep into the soul though and I still have to go with my Mum! I must put on a brave face and be a confident Mummy but underneath I’m a quivering wreck!

The outing started off well but when we arrived at the dental surgery the dentist was running late and the toys I had promised would be there were not! They had, had a flood so we were in a different waiting room, not a very child friendly one it would seem. The cries and moans about the lack of toys echoed tenfold around the temporary holding area for all the waiting patients to hear. Not even the temptation of Disney Cars on my phone could help the situation! It was quite a good distraction from the fear of the dentist though, I was more worried about the judging looks from our fellow patients! When we finally got called through, instead of the normal gut wrenching, it was relief and gratitude that it was our turn!

In preparation for said trip, I had dear son watch a couple of utube videos of going to the dentist. He’d been before but when he was tiny. The videos, I feel, made things very familiar for him and once in the room he seemed quite comfortable. He happily sat on my lap while the dentist counted his teeth and he sat very nicely on the chair while mine were checked. Of course, he also received the obligatory sticker!

Where was my Mum during all this time might you ask? Late! Yes, late is what she was! Sauntered in at the end and slotted in for her appointment while we waited again in the temporary holding area. Luckily this time, I had back up apple for him to eat. Something I didn’t want him to have just before him seeing the dentist. Turns out he was starving and downed the apple almost in seconds! It may explain the dramatics beforehand! Forehead slap! Note to self – should have fed child a snack before leaving the house and brushing his teeth!

After we had all been seen we popped to Toms Cakes for a lovely cuppa and a huge fat slice of cake and a gingerbread man the size of my head! A family tradition I have known all my life after the dentist. Totally laughs in the face of all the dentistry rules but my god it’s the best feeling ever after days of build up to the dreaded appointment. All over now for another 6 months though, thank goodness! Super Mummy kept a brave face on and I don’t think William will be quite as traumatised as I was/am!

Gingerbread man

The Weekend

The weekend consisted of birthday parties, the Royal Wedding and lots of time out in the garden enjoying the sunshine. We also managed to get out on Saturday teatime and enjoy an Indian together as a family. The ‘giant crisps’ were a hit, as was the lollipop at the end! All polished off by a quick play at the park and a cornetto ice cream for being very well behaved, husband as well, ha ha!

Royal Wedding party

Family cornettos

Sunday Lay In

We even got a lay on Sunday morning! Too busy on Saturday for a nap, William slept in until 7am! I felt like a knew woman when I woke up naturally ten minutes before him! Don’t even talk to me about dropping that daytime nap yet! I can’t cope with toilet accidents and no Mummy break in the day, all in one go. I know, I know, the no nap thing is coming, I’m just clinging onto it for dear life!


Indian restaurant



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