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Prams & Prosecco – The Interview

Prams & Prosecco – The Interview

Prams & Prosecco

Prams & Prosecco – The Interview. After interviewing Emma from Cambridge Barre Workout, it seemed fitting to get in touch with Natalie and Emily from Prams & Prosecco for a quick chat. (Emma and Natalie & Emily have an event coming up together, Barre and Brunch!) I thought I’d share the love and make you aware of them, that’s if you haven’t heard of them already! In which case, have a nosy read and see what they have to say about their luxury parent-only pamper events company. They are well established now and have made their presence known across Cambridgeshire. Featured here in Cambridge News

It’s an exciting concept, especially if you love Prosecco (soft drinks also available 😊)!

Here’s what we chatted about when I caught up with dynamic duo:

Explain for those that don’t know, who you are, what Prams & Prosecco is all about and how long it’s been going and how the idea came about

Emily and I are close friends who amazingly managed to have our first babies within a few months of each other! We set up Prams and Prosecco early last year when our little ones were only a few months old. We loved attending the many baby groups that are on around … and still do, but we soon realised there was a gap in the market for a parent and baby group with a difference, (one where you get prosecco for example!) Prams and Prosecco events are designed with the focus on the Mum’s. Emily and I didn’t attend the usual antenatal classes and wanted to create a group where there is an opportunity to meet likeminded people in a relaxed friendly environment. We invite interesting and relevant speakers and we always include a bit of pampering and of course a glass of Prosecco! 

Natalie&Emily Prams & Prosecco


What sort of events have you done so far?

We have held sleep events with various sleep consultants and Katie Olliffe (Doula, Antenatal Educator and Parenting Coach). One with Steph Douglas from Don’t Buy Her Flowers talking about setting up a successful business with a very young family. Sunita from luckythings blog gave an inspirational talk on confidence for women and we recently held our first evening pampering event at a salon in the centre of Cambridge with a talk on style from Lauren Lovett of Lolo Lovett

We look to work with other small businesses wherever possible and we have met some amazing people through doing these events.

 Prams & Prosecco

You are very passionate and your events are so professional, what drives you both and why? 

Any excuse to have a glass of Prosecco at 10am on a weekday morning! We are both very driven, organised people and after having our babies it has been fantastic to be part of something that we have built ourselves, we are very proud of what we have achieved so far and we love to receive the positive feedback following our events, this always helps to keep us motivated. 


What’s the hardest hurdle you’ve had to jump trying to build the Prams & Prosecco brand?

Having child free time together to organise events has to be the biggest challenge currently! We do most of our planning during nap times or after the kids have gone to bed and meet up as often as we can to discuss ideas and look for suitable venues. 


Tell us about your greatest achievements so far with your venture 

Selling out of tickets for our events never fails to keep a smile on our faces.  Our favourite moment so far was noticing a group of new Mum’s who had attended the event on their own got chatting throughout the morning and then headed off for a walk together into Grantchester meadows. This melted our hearts (or it could still be our hormones!)

Prams & Prosecco

Did you enjoy speaking on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire?

I still haven’t forgiven Em for abandoning me due to man flu that day! We felt privileged to be invited and it was a great experience once the nerves had settled! Charlie was very good at putting me at ease (wahey!!) and as we got chatting I relaxed and enjoyed the interview. 


How do you manage to juggle events, kids and time for yourselves?

It can be difficult sometimes, as any mum knows finding that balance is tricky but we are lucky to have family close by to help with babysitting during the events, and we try and still enjoy girls’ nights and spa days as often as we can manage…. which as you can imagine is a lot less often than it used to be! 


What motivates you to get out of bed of a morning and what advice can you give to busy Mums?

We have both never been morning people so having a little one shouting mummy at us when they wake up always helps! Always accept offers of help, rope your other half in to help out if you can! Don’t try to do too much too soon with a new baby. Steph Douglas gave some great advice when she spoke at our recent event ‘pull up the drawbridge’ to allow ourselves to adjust to what’s just happened!

Prams & Prosecco

Are your events just for Mums with babies or can mums with any age children attend?

We love to see parents of any age children at our events, we are a very friendly group and do our best to ensure everyone is comfortable. We limit our morning events to babies under 1 year to try and minimise the chaos, some Mum’s arrange a babysitter and come along alone to listen to the talk too. Our evening events are for adults only, a chance to leave the kids at home (preferably with a babysitter!) and enjoy some well-deserved me time.


Any sneaky peaks of what we can expect coming up in 2018?

We are currently planning a few events including a shopping event, Barre and Brunch, Weaning talk, Post birth support and we have so many more ideas we’ll hopefully have time to get organised very soon!

Prams & Prosecco

What an amazing adventure I’m sure you’ll agree and so many interesting local business women getting involved in these events. Thank you so much to Natalie and Emily for giving some of their precious time for this interview and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little more about Prams and Prosecco. It certainly sounds like a very exciting time for them and you can see the passion they have for their new business.

Get in touch with Natalie and Emily from Prams & Prosecco via their Facebook page where they keep us up to date with their latest events and how you can get involved – there’s lots coming up!


Prams & Prosecco



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