Top Tips for Coping with Chicken Pox

10 Top Tips For Coping With Chicken Pox

Top Tips For Coping With Chicken Pox. When is the best time for your child to get the chicken pox? I’ve always considered the earlier the better but there’s no actual convenient time for it to a arrive, especially if you’re a working mum and you have to take time off. Medically Chicken Pox is milder for children under 5 years.

When chicken pox arrived in our house, in one way I was pleased and I knew we’d get it out the way and we wouldn’t have to worry about getting it anymore. On the other hand I didn’t want to see my poor son’s precious pure skin covered in spots and for him to suffer.

Top Tips for Coping with Chicken Pox

The call came from his nursery late one Tuesday morning while at work. Knowing as soon as I got the call, work was finished for at least a week, with my husband away on business as well it was going to be ‘operation coping mummy’! I swung by the local pharmacy on the way to collect him from nursery and purchased everything they recommended, I also went next door to the supermarket and stocked up on various beige foods in a bid to psychologically help me cope better with being housebound for the next few days. Not so good for the diet as usual!

Top Tips for Coping with Chicken Pox

The spots came out slowly and gradually and by Friday he was covered from head to toe! They did slow though and the ones in his hair were the last to arrive on Saturday morning. He had not quite been himself, not ill but not wanting to venture out into the garden or do anything too energetic either. The limited screen time rule jumped out the window and ran down the road! I just resigned myself to the fact that it wasn’t going to any harm for a few days and also if it stopped him from being upset and distracted him from the itching, then hec I was ok with that! This is the week we discovered Lightning McQueen colour videos on Utube (heaven help me) my mind was numb!

Top Tips for Coping with Chicken Pox

With most parents facing chicken pox at sometime or another, here’s a list of Top Tips For Coping With Chicken Pox when your little darlings do get it. Maybe this will help you.

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Top Tips For Coping With Chicken Pox #1

Run a bath and put porridge oats in a pair of tights and knot, then put them in the bath – it helps massively with itching – MyBump2Baby

Top Tips For Coping With Chicken Pox #2

Vira soothe gel amazing stuff and stops the itching and prevents scars – Anklebiters Adventures

Top Tips For Coping With Chicken Pox #3

When my daughter had it we just put her in loose, cotton clothes so it didn’t irritate her spots – Sophie’s Nursery

Top Tips For Coping With Chicken Pox #4

Don’t use ibuprofen as that can cause complications and make the spots worse. Stick to paracetamol (calpol) – All About A Mummy

Top Tips For Coping With Chicken Pox #5

My youngest has just had chicken pox (he’s about to turn two) and its hasn’t been easy. My tip would be not to make any plans, as their mood can be very up and down. Try to let them wear as little as possible to keep cool, and spend time outdoors if you can. The heat really irritated my little boy – Baby Holiday

Top Tips For Coping With Chicken Pox #6

I recommend taking the lead from them as far as what they want to do. One of my twins just wanted to watch Peppa Pig and cried whenever it finished. She isn’t usually like that so I just bought a bumper DVD set and let her watch whilst having a cuddle. I know when I am ill I want what I want so why should they be any different – Navigating Baby

Top Tips For Coping With Chicken Pox #7

Having just had it as an adult as well as my toddler and newborn, my top would be to shower. Calamine lotion effect didn’t last long and all soothing creams made me too warm. Oh and give calpol regularly as those spots hurt! – The Growing Mum

Top Tips For Coping With Chicken Pox #8

Poxclin (its like a mousse that you put on them) and screen time to get over the boredom of being kept indoors. Let them eat their favourite foods and feel like they’re getting treats even though they’re having a bad time – Welsh Mum

Top Tips For Coping With Chicken Pox #9

If all else fails, get Aloe Vera Gel. We were grounded in Lanzarote when our son came out in CP, 2 days before we were due to fly home. It was a lifesaver – Battle Mum

Top Tips For Coping With Chicken Pox #10

Weleda calendula nappy cream, porridge baths! – Parenting Peace and Quiet

Overall, I think we managed brilliantly between the two of us (that’s William and I, not the allusive travelling husband) and I got through it mentally unscathed, lol! We didn’t venture out anywhere, I really didn’t want to pass it onto anyone that might be vulnerable. Thank god for drive through Costa to break up the day! It was definitely one of those occasions where I just had to suck it up and ride it out knowing I’d have to let William take the lead and accommodate how he was feeling.

Once the spots had crusted over and I thought it was safe to venture out, another mum from nursery who’s son had also had it kindly took the boys out on an adventure to Thetford Forest. A well earned run around after being indoors and a well earned rest for me!

Top Tips for Coping with Chicken Pox

Chicken pox can be mild to severe and each individual case seems to differ greatly. Good luck if and when it comes your way. Luckily we can breathe a sigh of relief now. Another memory for the memory bank.

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