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St Ives Cornwall – Summer Holiday Part 1

I didn’t think I’d have much time for blogging over the next couple of weeks as we are away on holiday in St Ives Cornwall. I have in fact found that around lunchtime we are all ready to head back to the apartment and to have a break from the sun, catch up with technology and have a bite to eat. The perfect time for me to sit down and write a post, even if it is in tiny time slots.

William also seems happy in front of the iPad for half an hour which gives J and I a chance to switch off and relax a bit. I tend to just stare out of the window at the beautiful view, my gosh what’s not to love about this:

St Ives Cornwall 2018

St Ives Harbour


The first couple of days we’ve just been trying to get into our holiday grove. Slightly tricky with a threenager. Bedtime seems to be a piece of cake as he’s tired out from the all the fresh air and all the running about on the beach but we seem to still be getting up around 5:45! 🙁

J and I have been taking it in turns to have a lay in. While one has a lay in the other one plays cars and gets breakfast ready. Then at 7am we have breakfast and coffee, lots of coffee!

The upside to being on holiday of course is there are several pick me ups during the day, ice creams, cream teas and plenty of sitting on the beach. J is better at sandcastles with William and splashing in the sea than I am. I have no bad feelings for taking full advantage of just watching. I just sit and people watch from inside the safety of the pop up tent.


Workingmumcambridge on the beach


St Ives, is a beautiful Cornish fishing town with lovely shops, stunning beaches and lots of lovely eateries. We’ve come here every year for the past 6 ish years and we never tire of it. There is always something new to discover. Holidays are obviously slightly less relaxing than they were pre child but we enjoy them as a family now. I hope William has lovely memories of us bringing him here when he’s grown up.


St Ives Cornwall Beach


Just a quick catch up from St Ives Cornwall but I do hope to do a couple more posts before the end of the holiday.


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  1. We love St Ives. My other half used to have family that lived there so we went lots but not so much in recent years. It’s really beautiful. Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales 🙂

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