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7 Sassy Solutions To Brighten Your Day

You know by now the ups and downs of parenting. One day is hunky dory and the next its a mixture of feeling frazzled, exhausted and down right fed up. I don’t know about you but I swing from being on top to feeling so buried under emotions and pressure I don’t know which way to turn. Fear not, here’s my 7 Sassy Solution’s To Brighten Your Day!

Sunshine and Pineapple

Having kids is hard, that’s a fact but there are ways you can help yourself keep on top of it all.

Keep Positive

I’ve come to realise that bringing up children is a series of swinging from one stage or phase to another. You just cope in the moment. One thing I’ve decided though and I don’t know about you but when you look back, all those phases seem trivial and easy compared to the one you are currently going through. Do you think that? If that’s the case then one day you’ll look back at your current drama and think it’s trivial as well. That said, you have to keep positive my love, see the bigger picture, see that this is just that phase that will eventually end and a new one will begin.

You’re like me….

You’re like me, when you’ve had a hard morning and the children suddenly change into happy souls in the afternoon, all that stress melts away. It’s taken over by the happy times, giggles and fun! It makes you wonder why you let the tricky times get to you so much but they just do! 

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Here they are…

There are things that can help you feel more in control and happier, here are my 7 Sassy Solutions To Brighten Your Day, I hope at least one of them will help . You deserve that sunshine in or out of work!

Sassy Solutions To Brighten Your Day – #1 Flowers

Treat yourself to a gorgeous bunch of flowers! Now I’m not saying they have to be expensive, a bunch of roses from the supermarket can cheer me up no end, for less than a fiver! What’s to stop you ordering some online though and having them delivered to yourself. Cor imagine being able to look at them all day on your desk at work, then being able to take them home to enjoy.

Buy yourself some flowers

Sassy Solutions To Brighten Your Day – #2 Walk it baby

Take a walk, anywhere, doesn’t have to be long and boring, just 10 minutes can make a hec of a difference. If you’re at work don’t wait until lunchtime, take yourself off at a random point in the morning or in the afternoon, just walk to the top of the road, or round your building a couple of times. It will get you away from your desk as well which is great for self care.

If you’re at home with the children then get your coats on and get out there. Walk to the park or to the shop or just take the dog out. Fresh air in your lungs and the children’s is the best free thing in the world. Take a ball and have a kick around or fly a kite! When was the last time you flew a kite, bet you’d love to have a go, show them how it’s done!

Sassy Solutions To Brighten Your Day – #3 Phone a friend

No I don’t mean like on who wants to be a millionaire! I mean like actually call a friend up and have that conversation you’ve been meaning to have. Time starved working Mum’s like us may not have time to get that playdate arranged or that quick coffee catch up but you could call! Or call a relative or family member for a good gossip and some much needed reassurance or advice. You don’t have to be on the phone for long, in fact you don’t want to turn into that annoying woman people avoid when they see your number flash up, so keep it short and sweet.

You could even FaceTime. Remember this is real life and you don’t have to wait for a quiet moment, everyone can join in, happy or tantrum-ing. If you’re FaceTiming another Mum, chances are their kids will kick off at some point during the call too – well you can hope, or is it just my child that is a pain in the *@%!

Sassy Solutions To Brighten Your Day – #4 Carpool Karaoke

So maybe not quite like James Corden but when you’ve dropped the kids off and you’re heading to the office, or supermarket, or wherever you have the car to yourself, get your favourite tunes lined up, crank up the volume (yes I am a geek to so I can say ‘crank up the volume’) and have a good sing song. Let the beat take you to your happy place. I imagine I’m in a night club, I’m a size 0 and I’m shaking my booty with the best of them! How is that not going to brighten your day!?

Just reading about me shaking my booty is hilarious enough, what more do you need. Seriously though, listening to happy music really can make you feel happier. If you’re stuck at home with the kids then have a dance off with them! You know you love Baby Shark on repeat, we all do, don’t we? Is that just me?

Baby shark Mummy Blog Stylie!! 🤣 www.workingmumcambridge.com

Posted by Working Mum Cambridge on Thursday, 23 August 2018

Sassy Solutions To Brighten Your Day – #5 Leave work early

Sooooo this may not be simple for everyone but with a little juggling it can be done! Leaving the office early is so liberating. Pop to the shop on your way home (and thats ‘pop’ as in, not having to lug kids in and out of the car, how cool would that be). Go home and put your feet up before the school or nursery pick up. You could just sit in your car listening to happy tunes!

Leaving just ten minutes early from work could make the difference between a bad commute and a less pressured one. I know what its like to be sitting in traffic, wishing it would hurry up so I can get to the nursery on time!

Leaving a little earlier can take that pressure off and the drive is much less stressful. I am a happier person when I’m not under time constraints, are you? So earn some time in lieu or work through your lunch and get yourself out early, tell me if you manage to do it.

Sassy Solutions To Brighten Your Day – #6 Watch a funny YouTube video

There’s nothing better than watching cool videos on You Tube. I’m slightly obsessed with the Kardashian’s (I know, I know, there OTT) but watching them do their make up or having it done make me feel inspired. Watching Mrs Hinch over on Instagram also makes me want to clean my house, which I do. That can make me feel ten times better, having a clean and tidy house!

You could always check out my insta stories – they make me laugh! Oh and then there’s Brummymummyof2. Her vlogs are hilarious, she’s so funny. Her hauls are hilarious and worth a watch. If you’re not feeling better after watching something on YouTube I’ll eat my hat! Well as long as its a chocolate hat! 

Sassy Solutions To Brighten Your Day – #7 Look back at holiday snaps

We all love our holidays, FACT! So when you’re feeling glum or low, scroll to  your holiday photos and videos. Take 10 minutes to indulge in them. Soak up the feelings that you had when you were there. Look at that sunshine, the kids having fun or that amazing food you had. Yes it may leave you longing for your next holiday but it will make you feel so uplifted. We don’t look at our photo’s enough. They just sit on our phones or tablets. Re-live your holiday on your lunchbreak I tell ya 🙂

Working Mum Cambridge Holiday Cartwheel

I hope they helped…

I hope these are useful, maybe these are things you have already thought of but haven’t actioned. Now is the time. 

I’d love to hear from you to see if any of them worked and I’d love to hear any ideas you have and use when you are feeling a bit down in the dumps. Bonus points if they are free! You may also want to check out my 10 Minute Mummy Self-Care Activities for Busy Mums

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