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9 Simple Reasons Why Your Home Still Looks Cluttered

So you’ve followed the declutter challenge or you’ve had a really good go at sorting out your stuff but your home still looks a mess? Here my guide – 9 Simple Reasons Why Your Home Still Looks Cluttered

Sometimes it can be a case that you’ve literally just got too much stuff and not enough storage. If you want a decluttered and minimalist home, you have got to find neat and tidy ways to store things.

You may have a hundred ornaments that you can’t bear to part with but that doesn’t mean you have to have them out all at once, all of the time.

9 Simple Reasons Why Your Home Still Looks Cluttered

1. Toys Everywhere

Yeah I get it, I’m a Mum of a small boy and toys are the bain of my life! tripping over them, finding them in every nook and cranny and most of all, having them out, all of the time!

Here is where I strongly suggest you start a toy rotation. I learnt this from the lovely Abbie at Badmamsclub over on Instagram. She has a whole highlight dedicated to her toy rotation. Its great! Its been a real game changer in our house.

The basis is you have your staple toys out (the play kitchen that cost you a small fortune that you want to get your moneys worth out of) and the rest of the toys you box up into multiple boxes and put away in a cupboard, under a bed, in the shed, wherever! Then every few weeks (you decide) you swap the box for a new one out of storage. There’s a lot less toys around the place and when a new box comes out, its like Christmas Day! They engage more with their ‘new’ toys and will actually play with them. Giving you more time to declutter, ha ha!

Seriously though, this is a win win! Less toys around makes the house look like a permanent toy shop and the kids benefit every few weeks from a new box of play things.

2. Cluttered Worktops/Surfaces

In theory after a declutter, you should have more space in your cupboards. Start clearing your surfaces and store stuff in the cupboards. Especially in the kitchen. If you want that minimalist look, you can’t have every spice you own out on display or all the recipe books. Store them away!

I keep my toaster in the cupboard below the worktop because I can’t bear it out. I’d do the same for the microwave if I could but its too heavy!

The clearer the worktops the less cluttered it will look

3. Storage

So this follows on from cluttered worktops really. Do you need extra storage, without moving house that is! Baskets, boxes, cabinets and drawers all make great homes for things that don’t yet have one. Here is the trick when using storage like baskets and boxes though – make sure they match! Things can start to look cluttered as soon as you mix and match. Matching storage can look uniform, neat and tidy and doesn’t draw your eye to it.

4. Wallspace

Too many pictures or photos on the walls can make things look cluttered. Consider thinning out the displays or taking some things down completely and lets see some wall! This can really open up and room, make it lighter and give the illusion of more space. Less is more as they say.

Too many pictures on the wall

5. Too Much Furniture

The quickest way to declutter a room after getting rid of stuff, is getting rid of furniture. Too much furniture can make a room feel small and the furniture itself becomes the clutter. How many side tables do you need in the lounge just in case the neighbour pops in for a coffee? Do neighbours still do that? Anyway think minimalism, what furniture can you sell or donate to help you make a room look more Marie Kondo!

6. Flooring

The same goes for flooring as well as furniture. Too many rugs, runners or mats can make the place look untidy. Go through each room and see what you can lift. Lets see some floor! Bath mats can be put away after a shower/bath, they don’t need to be out all the time. If you have a toilet mat please bin it! How many germs!?!

Door mats are usually used for a reason but do you need them out in the summer? If you have two mats in one room, could you remove one? What about the hallway runner, is it adding anything other than making it look cluttered? Roll it up and see how you feel.

7. Toiletries

Yikes! How many bottles do you need in your bathroom? Get them all stored away. Chuck them in a nice basket with a lid or if you have space get some storage. Bathrooms can look cluttered and quick if you don’t keep things neat and tidy. Maybe have a basket/drawer/shelf for each member of the family to make things easier. Everything in the bathroom should have a home just like everything else, so create some homes for those bottles, soaps, bath bombs and hairbrushes!

This also goes for the utility room if you have one. Keep washing powder etc tucked away in a cupboard or get a nice laundry tin. It will look so much neater.

8. Past Its Best

This will be a real test to see if you’re a hardcore declutter’er! Items that are past their best really do impact a room. The half broken basket or chair, the cabinet in need of a paint or that rug that’s seen better days. If you can bring yourself to get rid of it, or fix it then do it!

9. Too Many Ornaments

We all love an ornament. It reminds us of something, someone, or a place perhaps. They can get a bit overbearing though if you have too many! Like the toy rotation why not have an ornament rotation and have different things out occasionally. If you really do have too many then rethink your decluttering and give some to charity. If you really can’t bear to part with them then box them up and store them away, just keep a few favourites out. Too many ornaments collect dust, then you have more cleaning on your hands!

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