A busy Tuesday and quick run

Where do you find the time to fit everything in? With work, nursery drop off and pick up, washing, dinner and everything else in between its hard to find time just to do something you ‘want’ to do. A typical Tuesday for me is a full day at work, a lunchtime run, a trip to slimming world for a quick weigh in before collecting DS and getting home to put the dinner on. J doesn’t play Badminton on a Tuesday evening so an evening to catch up with one another and veg out in front of the TV.  As its a weigh in night I tend to forget the diet and celebrate or commiserate a good/bad week of weightloss/gain with a lot of fatty food and chocolate! ha ha! That of course doesn’t include checking in other family members to make sure they’re ok and nothing crazy has happened since the last whatsapp message 🙂

Todays run consisted of a quick 2 miles which made me feel quite good. Only trouble being I wore my running jacket which is now far too hot for our increasing spring temperatures (ha ha what spring!) (although people are still in their thermals, hats, scarves and gloves)! So I ended up in a sweaty mess. Couldn’t take it off – I had a vest top on underneath, not something my work colleagues need to see on a Tuesday lunchtime. They may wish they’d not eaten their tuna sarnie once they’ve seen my bingo wings flapping down the road! Why the hec do you run in your lunch break I hear you cry! Simple answer is, its one of the rare times in the week that I get to myself, no jobs calling me at home, no DS requiring my undivided attention and a chance to escape my desk for half an hour before the afternoon shift of shuffling paperwork starts. It also means I can devour a sweet treat without guilt as I just burnt the calories to eat it, total sense in my head. Todays canteen offering is a strawberry and basil muffin, I’ve not tried it yet, could be interesting.

IMG_8794 (002)IMG_8795 (002)

Strawberry and Basil Muffin                                                      Offending running jacket

As I sit here typing, my mind flits between a thousand things I want to blog about but so as not to bombard you with too much too soon, I’ll share the pics I took at the weekend. We managed to get out to a play park and then also a trip to the beach. As I managed to get some cracking photo’s I thought I’d share them with you in collage form. As my blog continues, you’ll discover my love for photography and also piccollage – a totally awesome app by the way. So here they are, two collections of pictures doing what we love doing best, hanging out together as a family and having fun.

                                 Forgetting the rat race and getting some fresh air



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