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I’m Adrienne, a busy working Mum trying to balance work life, home life and parenting! My blog is all about organising your home. With ideas to help get you planning, to get organised, to get the housework done and enjoy more family time!

I’m passionate about inspiring and empowering busy working Mum’s.

We all know being a working parent can be a complete nightmare at times – I’m on a mission to promote confidence within, writing blog posts that you will find helpful and valuable. Time saving tips, helpful advice, challenges to get the housework done and yummy easy recipes and meal planning ideas. You can get organised with a few tweaks – I totally believe in you!

Inspring & Empowering Working Mums

So a little bit about me, as thats why you’re here…….I’m a corporate working Mum. I’ve lived in Cambridge most of my life. I work part time as an Executive Assistant for a huge US firm. I’ve been in the same position for the last 10 years and I love it! I’m married to James and have a little boy, William, who is three. What an amazing little boy he is! I wouldn’t change him for the world! My husband and I couldn’t be more proud.

It was a tough and emotional journey to become parents but we did it! Its made me the person I am today, positive, hardworking and determined to succeed in everything I do.

About me - Working Mum Cambridge

I’m addicted to tea and taking photos of me drinking it. See my instagram feed to see what I mean! There’s nothing a cup of tea can’t fix!

I hate coffee but spend an awful lot of time hanging out in coffee shops – go figure!

I am constantly on and off Slimming World in the hope that one day I’ll stick to it and lose this Mum tum but at the moment my ethos is ‘life is too short!’

About me Working Mum Cambridge

I am fanatical about the blogging world and love the friends inside my computer! Although, being a corporate working Mum it means I also have to venture into the real world three times a week, something that I can honestly say keeps me sane. 

I fit it all in because I make time. Everyone can find the time for something if you are passionate enough!

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Are You Ready to be inspired? Are you ready to get organised? Are you ready to get your house sparkly clean, your meals planned and your time productively well spent?

Then stick with me and you’ll go far! Like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram for funny insta stories and an insight into my day along with the infamous pictures of me drinking tea! You are not alone in the need for self reassurance and caffeine! 

I post once a week on my lovely blog here, DM me if you have any content ideas or would like me to write about anything in particular, I’m always open to suggestions.

Work With Me

Do you want to work with me?  I welcome sponsored posts, guests posts and product reviews with open arms. Head over to my Work With Me page – coming soon!

Special thanks go to my NCT mummy friends, you know who you are. Without them by my side, literally, and on our Whatsapp group, I wouldn’t have gotten through half the stuff that having a baby throws at you. For your friendships I am truly grateful xx

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