Are You Bathtime Productive?

Are You Bathtime Productive?

This is probably a slightly controversial post and there will be opinions galore I’m sure and that’s ok. As a busy Mum any time just sitting about feels strange and I have, like you, a great big to do list that needs looking at! So while sometimes it’s absolutely lovely to just sit on the loo seat with your child and chat and play bubble games while they enjoy their bath, sometimes I just want or need to get on with a few chores. So, are you bathtime productive?

Bathtime productive duck

I am under no circumstances advising that you leave your child unattended in the bath, absolutely not! I’m also only suggesting the following things to do when your child is well over the age of three! Plus we’re all sensible grown ups aren’t we and we’re all well aware of water safety!

So with this in mind I’ve come up with a huge great list of 14 ‘jobs’ you can do IN THE BATHROOM while your child is bathing so you can get them off your list. Some also include self care and aren’t even chores! Unless, you’re like me, you think shaving your legs IS a chore! Ha ha!

#1 Sort Out The Clean Undies

Yeah ya know, that massive pile that’s been building up but you haven’t had a minute to sort it out. Chuck it on the bathroom floor and sort it into piles, then pair all the socks in each pile. Then put each pile away when little one is out of the bath.

#2 Put Your Make-Up On

If you bath your little one in the morning then what better way to make use of time while they are splashing about than to put your slap on. I’ve found this is really time saving in the morning, keeps William in one place long enough for me to actually do my makeup and also saves time in the evening as he can go straight to bed after his bedtime snack.

#3 Take Your Make Up Off

Take your makeup off and give yourself a mini facial. If you bath the kids in the evening, then use the time to cleanse, tone and moisturise in the bathroom mirror

#4 Eyebrows

Pluck your eyebrows – What more do I need to say!

#5 Surface Clean

Clean the toilet and sink. So you may want to use less smelly chemicals with your little one in the bath next to you, unless you have a massive bathroom that is but you could at least use a cleaning wipe and do a quick surface clean and get on your hands and knees and scrub that floor. Or mop it!

#6 Write Your Shopping List

Write a shopping list for the week ahead or look online for some recipes and get meal planning. Here is one of our favourite weekly recipes

#7 Online Food Shop

Do your online shopping order! Links in nicely with the last idea. Once you’ve planned your meals; get ordering!

Pedicure selfcare

#8 File your nails!

What a perfect time to do them. Just don’t paint them, that would be silly!

#9 Paint Your Toe Nails

Now your toes are something you can paint! Maybe even a mini pedi!?

#10 Plan A Blog Post

Of course this one is only useful if you’re a blogger but its a great time to brainstorm and plan. Nothing too heavy, you’ve still got to concentrate on your offspring but its good thinking time.

Blog Post Plannning

#11 Engage On Social Media

Engage with the last ten posts on your Instagram feed (or any of your social media platforms). Great if you’re trying to increase your followers and each comment can come in between washing, playing and being splashed.

#12 Write A Packing List

Write your list for that upcoming holiday or night away. It will come in super handy when you’re out of time and scrabbling around trying to remember what you need to take with you.

#13 Toning Exercises

Do some toning exercises. Ten squats, ten lunges, ten arm dips on the toilet seat and repeat! Wow if you did that every morning or evening you’d have a touche like Emma from Cambridge Barre Workout

#14 Sew!

Sew on those buttons back on the school uniform that you’ve been meaning to do for ages! Or darn those socks!

So there we have it, a fab list to keep you productive whilst staying in the bathroom with the kiddos. Let me know if you do anything else, I’ll add it to the list! I’d also love it if you’d share this post on social media. Sharing is absolutely caring in this online world.


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