Potty Training And The Dentist

Wow what a week! Potty training, the dentist and an Indian poppadum! It’s been a busy one, at work and at home. Work has been quite quiet recently which has allowed me to catch up with myself. Although, I don’t know about you but when it is quiet I think about all the jobs that […]

Chicken and Bacon Risotto

Chicken and Bacon Risotto

This is my simple chicken and bacon risotto recipe. Although it takes a bit of time to chop the veg, its actually so easy to make and my whole family just loves it! Its especially easy if you have a roast chicken dinner and you use the leftovers for the next day. This is the […]

Featured Image for Mum Escapes Potty Training

Mum Escapes Potty Training For Coffee And Cake!

I’m perched in the corner of one of my local coffee shops. Having dropped William off at preschool. I thought I’d change up my normal routine and head here with my laptop. There’s quite a nice atmosphere and the benefits of people watching far out weigh the benefits of ironing! Its been a stressful couple of […]

Mummy Self Care

Mummy Self Care – Why It’s So Important

Mummy Self Care – Why It’s So Important Its only taken me two and three quarter years of being a Mum to realise what helps me get through those sleepless nights and supermarket tantrums. The penny finally dropped over the weekend when I had some time to update my blog. Its the Mummy time! A […]

Cambridge Barre Workout – The Interview

  The classes, juggling life and what motivates the dedicated Mum of two. Emma is so passionate about her business and with buns of steel, once you take just one of her Barre classes, you’ll be signing up to the next session for sure! As a class attendee myself I was lucky enough to grab […]

7 Handy Tips For Flying With a Toddler

7 Handy Tips For Flying With a Toddler Flying with a toddler on a long flight can be a daunting prospect, we’ve taken our son on a few flights now and here is my trusty list of ideas to help you. 1. Trunki Invest in or borrow a trunki. Your child can then have all […]

Getting Crafty with Lizzy & Abeygale!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of filming Lizzy & Abeygale (aka Mum and Sister) from    They were doing a live Facebook tutorial of the new bag dies by Crafter’s Companion and roped me and Abey’s daughter Lily (my Niece) into helping. It was truly great fun! I was happy to stay behind the scenes on this […]

5 Things I wish I knew before having a child

5 Things I wish I knew before having a child Lets face it, I knew it wouldn’t be a breeze but then there’s breeze and then there’s bloody great hurricane wind! Truth is there is nothing that can prepare you for having a child. You can read endless posts like this but until that baby […]

Nursery, work, eat, sleep, repeat!

Another hectic week gone and another Monday morning. It’s a never-ending wheel that just keeps cranking away. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve not had a holiday yet this year (sad face) but I’m feeling like I’m on a treadmill that I just can’t seem to get off. Nursery, work, eat, sleep, repeat! Normally […]

Has spring finally arrived?

Wow! What a weekend, action packed and no time to sit down but that’s just how we like it! DS had what I thought was his first birthday party but was his second. Mummy brain strikes again! First party this year then should I say. I was quite apprehensive about what to expect but I […]