A busy Tuesday and quick run

Where do you find the time to fit everything in? With work, nursery drop off and pick up, washing, dinner and everything else in between its hard to find time just to do something you ‘want’ to do. A typical Tuesday for me is a full day at work, a lunchtime run, a trip to […]


Being a very unsociable, shy in big groups type of person, going to NCT was not high on my list three years ago. Someone at work said it was the best thing they ever did as they are still friends with their NCT buddies to this day (some 14 years later). So with my new […]

2 years and 8 months in…

With nearly three years of great support from friends and family, I thought it about time I gave something back. Whether its advice or just a good laugh at my posts on what I’m discovering along the rocky road of parenting, I hope my blog helps you in some way. My DS (dear son, for […]