challenge page headerClutter can be an absolute nightmare, quite literally, it can cause anxiety, stress and overwhelm and I'm on a mission to help you get on top of it!

The current challenge I'm running is the 30 Day Declutter Challenge. I've devised this challenge to fit nicely into your super busy schedule. Thirty days may sound like a long time but it's a great length of time to break some bad habits, really get into the swing of decluttering and gives you a fighting chance of getting round to decluttering the whole house. Are you in!?

This is the theory behind the challenge, super easy and simple to follow, just the way we like it!

  • The challenge is absolutely free - I'm trying to build a lovely decluttering community
  • Each day you will receive a declutter task via email, straight to your inbox at 6am. Early enough so you have all day to complete it
  • The email contains the task and ideas of how to easily deal with items you no longer want/need
  • Tasks are easy to do, shouldn't take long and can be added to - if you have more time. For example - One food cupboard minimum, or if you have more time, then do all of them. The challenge is for all levels and therefore can be taken at your own pace. Its flexible and can fit into your busy life
  • Get support, motivation and giggles from the challenge facebook group. You can post your before and after pictures there to help inspire others. I'll also be going live from time to time to show you what I'm up to

Let's face it, there aren't any downsides to decluttering really! After this challenge, you're going to be left with a tidy, decluttered house and you'll have gained more space from throwing stuff out. You'll feel more relaxed and you'll have achieved something that I'm sure you've been trying to get round to for ages! You will also be part of a small but perfectly formed community where you can continue to share your decluttering journey. Hopefully you will feel less stressed and anxious about your reduced clutter and you will start to enjoy your space.

I'll also be emailing a monthly newsletter which will keep you motivated and hopefully inspire you to declutter more areas of your home



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