Dyson Hairdryer Review with video

Dyson Hairdryer Review

Ever fancied a Dyson Hairdryer? I know I have but the price tag always makes me gasp! Here is my video Dyson hairdryer review.

I was lucky enough to get this on loan from a good friend of mine. If it had been mine I’m not sure I would have parted with it so she’s brave for that!

Dyson hairdryer review

The hairdryer itself is pretty robust, its a nice weight and you know its good quality just by the feel. Dyson has a good name for itself anyway. We have other Dyson products at home so I knew the Dyson Hairdryer would be just as good.

I just can’t quite get over the cost of ¬£300 and they haven’t really reduced in price from when they first came to market. That’s as much as one of their vacuum cleaners. Is that a little insane?

If its time saving you’re after and lets face it time is always of the essence, getting you and the children out the door before work is always manic, then it may be of interest and the price tag might not even come into it. It reduced my hair drying time by a least five minutes. My friend said that it reduced her hair drying time from nearly an hour down to just 17 minutes!

Its quite noisy so if you think its going to be like the Dyson fan then think again, it may stir your sleeping child. 

So enough of the waffle, here’s the video. I’d love to know what you think and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more reviews coming up!

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Dyson Hairdryer Review

Dyson Hairdryer Review
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