Mummy’s morning off

Today has been quite stress free in terms of tantrums and meltdowns and mummy is feeling quite calm this evening as I write this post.

One of my hobbies (ha when I get the chance) is rock painting. It seemed to sweep the nation last summer with the main Facebook page being Love on the Rocks. In an attempt to make it more local I started the page Cambridge Rocks UK We now have nearly 600 members! Anyway I managed to get a couple of rocks varnished that I did a while back, stinking the house out with varnish fumes. Luckily DS was at nursery and the dog had taken herself out for a walk (a story for another time).

I also managed to fix a couple of broken items caught in the cross fire of a tantrum. The poor duck got launched down the stairs and broke his leg. Thankfully its now back standing! These are jobs I just never seem to get round to doing, I’d rather be playing cars with my little boy!

Hey presto! Got to love a hot glue gun 🙂

Even managed to create new Facebook page for my blog and take a few snapshots for profile pics! (call me Mr Vadar, call me Mr Wrong, Culture Beat – Mr Vain)




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