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Non Spill Cup By Litecup

Are you sick of leaky drinks bottles? Or fed up with being woken in the night because you’re little one needs a drink? I’ve found the perfect solution for you! Non spill cup by Litecup – My Review

I was so exited to receive the Litecup from Gavin, the inventor of this genius little cup! I like nothing more that trying products created by parents. You know instantly that you’re on the same wavelength with regards to children and problems you incur along the parenting journey.

Our Litecup was gifted to us in exchange for an honest review. All images used were with the permission of Litecup.

Litecup – The Non Spill Cup

Litecup the non spill cup - product picture

First Impressions Of Our Non Spill Cup – ‘Awesome Mummy’

You have to be a fan of a non spill cup, especially on your bedding and carpets. Litecup don’t claim to be 100% leak free, something they are very open about. If the cup is held upside down and shaken vigourously then small drops will leak out. That said, if its going to save your bag, carpet or bedding from a flood of juice like a normal cup then in my eyes its a winner! 

Litecup has a patented non spill valve with a 360 degree drinking rim. This helps support the bottle/beaker to cup transition which I know you will have thought about somewhere along the line. 

We opened our package from Litecup and inside was the cup itself, two additional coloured tops and a spare light unit. First impressions where good and we were keen to turn the lights off and test the night light feature. I can happily report it was ‘awesome mummy’!

My son William is 3 and we especially liked how easy it was to grip and use. It was also stable when setting it down on his bedside table and on the table in his playroom.

The cap unscrews easily and the switch on the bottom was easy to turn on using a coin. The instructions included were very easy to understand.

Litecup the on spill cup easy opening

Easy To Clean & Dishwasher Safe

The cup and lid comes apart easily and all the components (minus the lite unit and strap on the Litecup Baby) are dishwasher safe and sterilisable. This is great as the amount of cups and bottles I have to hand wash is ridiculous. It also saves it going all black and gunky – you know what I’m talking about right? How many bottle with straws have you binned!?

Litecup the non spill cup internal workings

BPA & Latex Free

If you’re concerned about plastics, the Litecup meets all European and FDA guidelines for food plastics and is BPA and latex free. This is especially reassuring when you have young children.

When we took the cup for a test drive on the first night, we were both pretty excited. William had been asking for a night light for a while and although I wasn’t keen (he’d made it to 3 without one, why would he need one now) the Litecup made for a convenient compromise. 

We filled it halfway with water (best for his teeth and best only half way as we are currently toilet training) and we placed it on his bedside table. The novelty of having a night light made getting him to sleep a little more painful than usual but now we’ve used it for almost a week, he doesn’t really notice it anymore. That is, until he wants a drink in the night and voila its there and he can find it easily! Whats not to love!?!

Litecup – The Non Spill Cup – In The Dark!

Litecup the non spill cup in the dark

The Litecup Can Be Used By Adults

The nightlight can also be manually turned off if needed. This brings me to my next point. This cup can easily be used by adults. We have a family member with Parkinson’s and this cup would be very well received. The nightlight may or may not be used so its great that you can decide if you want it on or not. Its great for trembling hands and equally useful for taking medication without spilling water everywhere. Something I’ll highly recommend!

The Litecup is also great for us Mum’s too, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve rocked up to work and my drinks bottle has spilled in my bag. I have used William’s cup for the last couple of days and I am pleased to report that no handbag contents were harmed in the making of this review. 

Although we haven’t taken it on a day out yet, I can see how this would be very handy and would save on the soggy sandwiches!

Sizes And Pricing

So what sizes do they do I hear you ask. There are three sizes, the one we received for review is the Litecup Regular. It holds 330ml and is suitable for 12 months up, this is priced at £9.99. There is also the Little Litecup which holds 250ml and is suitable from 6 months up, this is priced at £9.49 Last but not least, the Litecup Baby which holds 200ml, it comes with detatchable handles and a strap and is suitable from 4 months up. This is priced at £11.99. All cups are available in 7 different colours.

The Litecup – The Non Spill Cup

litecup the non spill cup sizing and pricing

I have to say that I think the pricing is fair. The cups seem very hardwearing. The baby one especially seems to have been very well thought out with the handles and strap with clip. This will last well into the toddler years so a good investment. I would also have to say that the 330ml Litecup Regular is a good investment too, it can be used right from 12 months to adults. I am quite happy to use it, although a pink lid would have gone down a treat, lol! 🙂

If you’re tempted to find out more, do check out they’re website. Its packed with information. It also includes YouTube Instruction videos should you get stuck when your cup arrives.

I Highly Recommend The Litecup

Overall,  I’m really pleased with the LiteCup and highly recommend it to all parents and carers. The non spill feature is a great reassurance and the night light is a game changer!

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  1. Ooh I love this! The fact it lights up is fab! My 16 month old drinks so much water but i won’t leave a beaker in her cot as she has a habit of banging the filter out that stops it leaking everywhere! I will definitely look into these! 🙂

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