Peaks and troughs

So today is an ‘off’ day, I’m laughing hysterically at the ‘off’ part, it’s a day away from work but a full on day of childcare at home. With it being the Easter holidays there is no preschool, so Mummy entertainer extraordinaire has to be plucked out from her secret hiding place (a nice deserted beach with ice creams and hot chocolate on tap)! Don’t get me wrong I love my son to bits and am very fortunate to be able to send him to both to nursery on work days and preschool on non work days. Hey, it’s better than boarding school! I openly admit I am not mentally able to be a stay at home Mum, hats off to you ladies that are (and chaps that are stay at home Dads), its a test of pure patience and stamina. Before DS arrived I had no idea what sort of Mum I could be, stay at home or back to full time work, it seems I have naturally gravitated towards a mixture of the both but have slowly started to try and get some ‘me’ time back on the days we are home together. When DS was smaller, less able to move around and whine like a banshi over a chocolate biscuit, or lack there of, childcare seemed easy. These days we get through the day hour by hour trying to avoid meltdowns over how we walk up the stairs or which order we sing wheels on the bus. To me it is truly mind blowing come seven in the evening when he goes to bed and the house falls silent.

So today we spent most of the day out of the house trying to avoid insanity of the four walls. Visiting a friend and then a relative before heading home for nap time. During this precious nap time period more often than not it’s spent racing round the house clearing up the carnage from trying to get out of the door earlier and stuffing some lunch down my face before the dog starts demanding to be fed. The afternoon was spent at a softplay place. Lets not get me started on this subject. I forgot it was the holidays momentarily and every kid in the county had descended on the place. A godsend for getting rid of excess energy but it was heaving. DS was very emotional this afternoon and took being hit by a girl very badly. Inside I was secretly amused by it but comforted him as any mum would. The mother of said child was most apologetic but hey, kids hit each other, no drama 🙂 If only other mothers thought the same when DS misbehaved -protecting the ball pool and rejecting entrance to any other child in the whole establishment. Judging looks a go go! Telepathically I’m shouting ‘he’s 2, what do you want me to do about it!’ I smile sweetly and apologise profusely is what I do because that is what is expected.

So after a couple of hours with my socks now covered in crisps and soaked in spilled fruit shoot, we ‘try’ to head home. Bribery prevailed and a packet of mini party rings got DS into his shoes, out of the front door and into the car! We survived!

The day started well and we peaked and troughed through various mini dramas but all in all a pretty good day. Now just to cook the dinner, hang the second load of washing out…….. you know it, it never stops! 🙂


The classic whine
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