Popples, Pilates & a 10k run!

So today is a work day and a day to catch up from being off for two days before heading off for another two in the form of the weekend. It seems I’m in a constant state of chasing my tail. As are many of you reading this, I’m sure.

Speaking of tails, let me introduce Poppy! Poppy is our second child, if indeed slightly hairier, she’s what I’d call high maintenance! She’s a soppy thing really but an absolutely insane Dalmatian! She escapes constantly out of the garden hedge taking walks by herself in the open countryside, causing havoc on the bridal ways and next doors garden! You should see our hedge, all the holes are stuffed with boxes and bits of wood and even DS’s slide to try to stop her getting out. Why we haven’t got round to actually putting a proper fence up is beyond me. One of those jobs J keeps putting off thinking he can do it cheaper if he does it himself. Poor J can’t even put a shelf up without it being wonky, goodness knows how he’s going to tackle a fence! Hence we have a holey hedge and an escaping Poppy.


Poppy is a sun worshipper and likes nothing better than lying in the sun on her bed for hours on end. Either that or practically sitting on the woodburner when its lit. She’s a fair weather dog, you have to kick her out the back door to do her business when its raining 🙂 Her name is Poppy but since DS could speak he’s called her Popples, this has now stuck and she’s known as Popples to us all.

She’s a thief of the highest degree, no food, drinks, bags, shoes, toys or papers are safe in our house, she’ll eat the lot! Luckily for her she’s not had any serious trips to the vets!

And you ask why one child is enough, ha ha! She is one of the reasons 🙂

So being lucky enough to work for such a huge company, there are certain perks. One of those perks is free Friday lunchtime Pilates session. Once you get over the fact that you are going to get stinky engineers’ feet in close proximity to your face, it’s actually a rather relaxing class. This afternoon it made me feel quite stress free. I tend to hover near the back and give myself plenty of room, turning the alternate way to avoid possible embarrassing bottom viewing and to avoid hobbit like feet one row in front! Classes are so much easier for me when it’s just women!

IMG_8899 (002).jpg

It’s no secret that if we won the lottery, we’d up-sticks and move to St Ives, Cornwall to run our own coffee shop. This dream started before DS arrived, so not sure how it work now but I suppose if you had all the money in the world, one could just pop in and out of the coffee shop as opposed to actually running it day-to-day.

On a lunchtime at work whilst eating my salad (yay to Slimming World, not) I take a moment to look at the St Ives Harbour webcam. Being the Easter holidays it’s actually quite busy there today, despite the weather! Here is a snap shot. Its well worth logging on to the Aspects Holidays website for a quick look.

St ives webcam pic.JPG

Join me tomorrow for weekend shenanigans including news on the 10k run I’ve signed up for!



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