Being a very unsociable, shy in big groups type of person, going to NCT was not high on my list three years ago. Someone at work said it was the best thing they ever did as they are still friends with their NCT buddies to this day (some 14 years later). So with my new ’embracing hat’ on I enrolled us on a course!

OMG total cringe on arrival and a feeling of wanting to run for the hills, who were these people and what were we doing here! Included was the ice breaker introductions in a circle!

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Turns out these people are now my bestest mummy friends in the whole wide world and I wouldn’t change meeting them for anything. We’ve shared intimate stories, shared the up and downs of bringing a baby into the the world and without them I would be lost. God bless Whatsapp! Of course my sister and my Mum are absolute godsends (goes without saying) but these woman have babies the same age, going through the exact same phases at the exact same times, who else can help you better?

So if you’re thinking NCT is not for you, if only for the support after your LO (little one) is born, sign yourself up!

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