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St Ives Cornwall – Summer Holiday Part 2 – Threenager!

St Ives Cornwall 2018 – I have to admit defeat and say this is one of the hardest holidays so far as a Mum to a small boy. It’s probably down to a number of reasons, being two (nearly three – threenager) being one of them. Along with having two parents to run rings round. He has our undivided attention every waking hour, I’m wondering if its time to step back a little and let him entertain himself for short bursts.

Thank goodness for TV once in a while!


Bear Hunt on TV while on holiday

Threenager screen time


Being good at bed times has stopped and instead of dropping off straight away, we are fighting with him to even stay in his bed. Last night we gave up and he fell asleep in our bed. We swiftly moved him to his own bed after half an hour so we could relax and switch off.

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On the plus side of things the weather here in St Ives,  has been beautiful and we have been enjoying some glorious sunshine on the beach. Along with a few protests of not wanting to get off the enormous rocks for fear of falling. Potty training has also paused for this week, the meltdowns in the street over using the potty have become too much to bear! I have decided its not worth my stress levels and we will resume when we get back home. Whether this was the right decision or not is yet to be decided.


Tunnels in St Ives Harbour

St Ives Cornwall – view from the tunnels


The only thing stopping me from packing up and coming home after a couple of really hard days is the lovely relaxing way of life down here and of course the lovely treats we are enjoying to eat.

Yesterday we had breakfast at Porthmeor Cafe, my goodness the sausage baps are to die for. This is also where my obsession for Nutella started. This exact week last year in fact. I’d never really entertained Nutella before last year. Now I’m a total addict and wonder why the hell I didn’t know this wonderful stuff was so good before now. What a waste of 36 years of chocolate goodness!

We have also enjoyed some wonderful fresh bruschetta from the Cornish Catch Van ( ) This is a lovely old Citron Hy van, bought back to life serving delicious fresh dishes to the passing trade. Well worth a visit if you’re here on hols. They also do some lovely looking noodles, we might try these later in the week.


Cornish Catch St Ives Cornwall

Bruschetta from Cornish Catch


The best ice cream by far is from Moomaid of Zennor ( )

We have been having one of an evening when small boy is asleep in bed. J pops out and collects a couple of cups with clotted cream on top! Its keeping me going thats for sure. We have also been enjoying one in the day as well on occasion!


Moomaid of Zennor

Threenager enjoying Ice Cream


I hope you’re enjoying these little snippets of our holiday. In my next post I’m going to feature all of our favourite places here in St Ives and things to do with toddlers around and about.

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