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Third Birthday Party – The Aftermath

Third birthday party – The Aftermath. The party is over but why do I still feel so stressed? So William turned three on Sunday, I can’t quite believe it if I’m honest. It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago I was holding him in my arms at the hospital, wondering how the hec I managed to give birth to such a beaut! 

Now look at him! A walking, talking threenager with matching energy and attitude. So confident, so fearless and yet so beautiful and caring (I’m biased)!

In my head by child would always have the best homemade birthday cake, the best party and the best party bags! One out of three ain’t bad. The birthday cake thing went out the window after the first birthday, the cake was a hit, it looked great (if I do say so myself) and tasted great! It got all the right reactions I was hoping for. It was, to this day a royal pain in the arse! It took hours and really, did it matter? Maybe because I was on maternity leave I didn’t have anything better to do, looking back I don’t know what possessed me. The pictures will be great though when we look back, ha ha!

This year it was a shop bought cake, that no one even ate and William loved just as much as the previous two birthdays. I did have a slice and was thoroughly disappointed (probably why everyone avoided eating it). To be honest birthday cakes these days are for one thing, a method of transporting lit candles safely across a toddler packed room to the recipient to blow out. Bish bash bosh, job done!

Parties weren’t something I thought I’d ever get involved in. As kids it was all about a family tea or a family day out. I don’t remember having parties or indeed attending any (could have been something to do with being unpopular) so organising my own child’s party seemed quite a new concept!

My first decision was where to hold it, most of the parties William has been invited to consist of village halls and lavish food banquets for both children and adults! uh uh, not this party! Find somewhere to do it for you was my thought. Book a softplay centre, invite the kids, turn up, pay the money, leave.

It worked! 

Having not made much effort with the actual venue or food (adequate in my mind) I thought it best to make an effort on the party bag front. The party itself was relatively cheap (ha, who am I kidding, its like a wedding. Mention kids party and they add a shed load to the total) so I had some extra to splash out on the party bags. Being super organised (usually) I knew what I wanted and managed to source everything at a bargain price, in the Lightning McQueen theme requested (by small boy) and everyone seemed to love them! 

Third birthday party bags - lightning mcqueen party bags

Although I haven’t set a precedent for the cake or the venue, I fear I may have done so with the party bags! Secretly this is fine with me, I loved putting them together!

I do think I have event OCD though,  if there is such a thing. I like things to go exactly how I have planned and thought about them in my head. If it doesn’t go exactly as planned, it stresses the bejesus out of me. No one else knows what may or may not have gone to plan except me but it makes me nervous! Can you imagine what I was like on my wedding day!  I think this is why I’m still feeling uber stressed about the party. It was 5 days ago yet I’m still mulling things over in my tiny brain and wondering what people thought about it, how it could have gone better, what could we do next year.

Third birthday party

Not have a party next year is my plan! LOL! A nice quiet day at the zoo sounds appealing. I absolutely love taking William to other people’s parties but being the party organiser just isn’t for me. That said, William had the most amazing time, he absolutely loved everything about it and his little face was a picture when his cake came out, albeit a bought one. He couldn’t have given a monkeys, it was cake for goodness sake! Downside is that he now thinks the softplay centre belongs to him. The next trip there could be interesting. God forbid any child that wants to ride the red plastic motorbike!

Its hard being a parent at the best of times but then add the pressure of parties, its enough to send you over the edge!? 

What are your tips for party planning? Do you even have parties for your children? What themes and ideas have you got up your sleeve for a future party?

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