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Yes! Decluttering Can Improve Your Anxiety

I’ve always been a bit of a hoarder but its not until recently and I started my blogging journey that I realised how both physical and mental clutter is effecting my anxiety and my ability to concentrate. So Yes! Decluttering can improve your anxiety and I’m going to tell you how.

Clutter Can Cause Overwhelm

Clutter around you can cause you to feel overwhelmed and stressed, a sink full of washing up, a cutlery drawer in disarray. When you’re already a busy mumma and your life is full, little things like this can tip you over the edge. According to Dr Sherrie Bourg Carter, author for Psychology Today, stress from clutter comes from a visual stimuli, invading our brains as we move around the house. If you can’t see the mess surely you will be less effected by it. Clutter is a constant reminder that work needs to be done and a feeling of guilt for not having time or skills to do anything about it.

Declutter your space

Clutter Is Annoying

Clutter is annoying and can make your anxiety worse. Let’s face it we have enough going on without letting the clutter get on our nerves. Thats why decluttering and maintaining a clutter free and tidy house can improve your anxiety. What would you rather come home to after a busy day? A neat, tidy, organised clutter free house, or a muddle of a mess waiting for you to sort out. Yeah, you know what your answer is! Even if you’ve had a crap day, at least when you walk through the door, you’re arriving to a haven of calm and space.

Decluttering can help you let go of the past, items that you may not have even thought about, taking up precious space in the bottom of a wardrobe. If it isn’t useful or you don’t need it anymore just get rid of it. That in itself can make you lighter and more in control.

Clutter Can Be A Distraction

Clutter can be a distraction from other tasks around the home. It distracts you from focusing on the small things because there is so much clutter to deal with first. Keeping on top of it means there is only ever a small amount to deal with before being able to get stuck into something else.

Now, clutter means different things to different people. A cluttered kitchen may send someone into a ball of stress and anxiety, for others it may be a messy lounge or bedroom that causes issues. You have to decide what causes the anxiety for you and prioritise how you are going to tackle this. It may be as simple as making sure that just one room is always kept completely clean and clutter free. It may be that you have to have to whole house in a state or organisation before you can switch off. For me its about balancing what people can see if they visit and what I can just shut the door on until I have time to sort it out.

Decluttering Doesn’t Have To Be About Throwing Things Away

If you know which areas of the house heighten your anxiety when they’re cluttered, you already know which areas you have to tackle and quickly. Decluttering doesn’t have to be about throwing things away either. It can just be as simple as sorting through a room or pile of stuff and organising it into manageable chunks, or removing it from a specific room entirely. This will do wonders for your stress levels and hopefully boost your mood and self esteem in the process.

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